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Bruges - Picture Perfect
When one imagines Belgium, they often are thinking of Brugges, Canals loop across the town like a string of Pearls, creating the well-earned moniker of "The Venice of the North".
With cobblestone paths, brick archways, stone churches and quaint bridges, it's nearly impossible to take a bad photograph. The addition of swans on the water, horse drawn carriages in the lanes, and daffodils in the park make it nearly magical.

Listed on UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Brugges has the best-preserved example of a medieval city centre, with its Bell Tower leaving over the wide open market. With the centre closed off to cars, all the stunning beauty and culture of this unforgettable city can be easily explored on foot, although a boat ride along the quiet canals is something not to be missed. 

While a small city, to truly uncover the many pleasures around each corner, from lace boutiques and chocolates shops to architectural and historical treasures, give yourself plenty of time to get happily lost.


Leuven, Mecca of Books and Beer
A vibrant student population and a rich history combine in the city of Leuven, home to one of Europe's oldest universities (KU Leuven), founded in 1425. The university, one of the most important in Europe, has its roots in the centre of Leuven, and its historic college buildings dominate many of the squares and streets. A few lucky students even have the distinct privilege of living in the 13th century stone Beguinage, a Unesco world heritage site worthy of a visit. 28,000 students and professors lend a distinctly youthful atmosphere to the city. Or perhaps it's the beer !
Leuven is Belgium's reigning brewery capital - no small feat in a country that produces hundreds of delicious varieties. Leuven is the headquarters of Inbev, the second largest brewery in the world, famous for Stella Artois beers. Centuries of Flemish tradition and craftmanship lie behind Leuven's premium brews. 
Leuven's is a great place for the curious traveller with time to explore. It is an intimate city, any spot can be easily reached on foot or by bicycle.


At the "City by the Sea", over five and a half miles of sandy beaches invites you to delightful sunbathing and a refreshing dip in the North Sea.
After frolicking in the sun, take a walk down the promenade where you will find many shops, bars and restaurants.
Ostend is a cosmopolitan city with a harbour, yacht-basin, airport and over 50 hotels. Visitors will be amazed by all there is to see and do. All year round, many activities take place.
Some highlights are : Ostend at Anchor, Theatre by the sea, Sparkling Mondays, Magic Lights in the Park, the Christmas Market with huge ice-skating ramp and Carnival weekend with the well known Dead Rat Ball. Vodcast of the seaside city of Ostend presented by Simon Calder and Benn Ross.
One of Ostend's main, and maybe lesser known, trump cards is the gastronomy, What better place to sample, the sea's delicacies than on the seaside. There are many restaurants, ranging from exclusive hot spots to cosy bistros, so there is something to suit everyone's taste and budget. The specialities are Dover Sole, Shrimp Croquettes and "Tomato filled with Shrimps", There is also plenty to keep you amused later on in the evening such as pubs, clubs and cinema complexes.
Check out today's and the forecast for the weather in Ostend .
Ghent, Europe’s Best Kept Secret

The undiscovered Flemish jewel of a city boasts an opera house, a handful of museums, even more ancient churches, and countless bridges spanning the two rivers that wind themselves through the city. 

The true joy of the town is to be found whiling away an afternoon in an outdoor café. Whether your wrapped under blankets sipping a coffee in the winter or sunning yourself in the springtime with a cold Belgium brew, you will fit in with the locals if you simply enjoy the great atmosphere this town offers.
If possible, find a seat on the Graslei, a scenic canal spot in the centre of town, with a great view on the many bridges, grand houses and medieval buildings. 
Alternatively, hop on a bike and explore the nearby Patershol district with a small labyrinth of charming cobblestone streets, the Towering Gravensteen Castle and Unesco recognised Bell Tower
The laid back atmosphere of this liveable, lovable city means enjoying the vibrant night life of a university town then quaffing cava at the flower market the following Sunday morning.


Brussels, the heart of Europe
As the headquarters to the European Union and NATO, this metropolis is often referred to as The Capital of Europe. While certainly international, it offers more than governmental buildings to uphold this well earned title. It is the ultimate European city with a mosaic of languages and cultures paving a way for a vibrant restaurant and nightlife scene. With over 80 museums, the King’s Palace and a wealth of history, culture is equally accessible. 
Impossible to miss is the Grand Place, which was built as a merchants' market in the 13th Century. Smack in the City Centre, it plays host to many festivals and concerts year round and is also where you can discover the tiny " Manneken Pis " the somewhat peculiar symbol of the city, Towering over surrounding buildings, it can serve as a compass during your exploration of the city; be sure to indulge in Chocolate at the Sablon.


Antwerp, Stylish to a Fault
Whether you’re in the central train station or MASthe remarkable town museum, it’s impossible not to find the architecture attractive. It ranges from medieval buildings like the impressive town hall and square, to the contemporary courthouse, to numerous Art Nouveau gems in between. From stylish buildings to well dressed window displays, Antwerp is a good-looking city.
This isn't a new accolade either as it was one of the greatest, richest cities in all of Europe in the 1500's. A century later, the Iconic Flemish Baroque painter Peter Paul Rubens called Antwerp his home, along with Anthony Van Dyck. In more recent years, canvas has been replaced by Cotton and the artists of note are fashion designers. This city is home to world renowned  shopping, the famous Antwerp Six and a bustling diamond trade.



A seaside city with an international port and a small but lovely sandy beach: Zeebrugge in a nutshell. The fish market on the docks and the many culinary fish restaurants are legendary, even far beyond the region’s borders. The impressive wind farm can be seen up close and you can discover how things happen in an international port and fish market at the Seafront Maritime theme park. Looking for a daytrip? The metropolis of Bruges is just a stone’s throw away. 

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